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Main Audiology Clinic:
310 S. MacDill Ave., Ste 202, Tampa, FL 33609
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Hearing Aid Walk-In Clinic Hours

Here at Kampsen Hearing we have our own hearing aid walk in clinic. Our hearing aid walk in clinic is every Thursday from 1-2pm. This is a time to stop in the clinic without an appointment. Clean and checks are performed without a charge despite age or where they were purchased. We also have some special pricing for commonly purchased accessories during this time. Come in and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while we service your hearing aids. We look forward to seeing you!

Special Pricing:

Free Hearing aid Clean & Check

$5 Domes and Wax Traps
(Regular Price $10)

$10 dehumidifiers
(Regular price $25)

$10 Tube Change
(Regular Price $20)

$20 Box of 60 Batteries
(Regular Price $40)