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Signs your Hearing Aid Need Repairs

a hearing specialist repairing a set of hearing aids

If you’ve got hearing aids, you need to know what you are watching and listening out for. Just like every other device, hearing aids can have issues, faults and stop working altogether sometimes. When you notice something different about your hearing aids, you need to work out whether this means that they need a repair, or there is something simple that you can sort out yourself. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the signs that your hearing aids need repairs.

Stopped working

The first thing that we’re going to look at is the fact that your hearing aids have stopped working. It might be the case that your hearing aids have suddenly just died and there is no longer any sound coming out of the device at all. We know that it sounds silly, but make sure that the volume is turned all the way up and be sure before you book in for a repair. A lot of people think that their hearing aid is broken and it turns out that the volume had just been turned down at some point.

If this happens, speak to your audiologist and they will be able to take a look for you. They may be able to diagnose the problem there and then if you are lucky.


If you are hearing a lot of static coming through your healing aids, it could mean that there is a moisture build-up, which means a repair is definitely going to be needed. Your audiologist should be able to fix this and then give you some advice as to how to stop this from happening next time. It’s a common issue, but one that can largely be prevented. It’s important to recognize the difference between slight static and excessive static though. If it’s only slight then this is unlikely to be the issue.

Volume isn’t loud enough

If the volume is constantly getting lower and lower but you’re sure that your hearing aid is turned up all the way, then this is an indication that they may need repairs. It could be a problem with the device or it could be an issue with your hearing, but you’re going to need to speak to your audiologist to find out which one it is. Often, the volume getting lower but the device still being turned up means that the person's hearing is deteriorating rather than the device itself. 

However, sometimes this happens because the device has a fault and needs to be fixed. It’s more than likely it will then need to be replaced, so your audiologist will send them off and get you a new pair soon.

Damage to the device

If you look at your hearing aids, can you see any damage to them? Damage will occur if you are constantly dropping your hearing aids or banging them against something by accident. Anything that is bent, scratched, cracked or anything like this needs to be seen by an audiologist. It’s not always possible to know the true extent of the damage until they have been seen by a professional, but these physical signs would certainly point to the idea that the hearing aids need repairing.

Sometimes, the repairs are simple and your audiologist will be able to do this in their office so you can have them back as soon as possible. This will be things like tube replacements, but there are also some more complex issues that will mean they need to be sent to the manufacturer in order to get them working properly again.

Decline in quality

There could be a problem with your microphone levels. You may start hearing noises coming through your hearing aids, even though this has never happened previously. These are just a couple of examples of a decline in quality in hearing aids, and if you notice anything like this you should book in with your audiologist. Speak to your audiologist if you think that there is anything at all wrong with your hearing aids so that they can carry out a cleaning and maintenance service for you. This will help to determine whether there is actually an issue, or if the device just needed a good clean.

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