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What is the Hearing Aid Fitting Process?

Woman is getting fitted with premium hearing aids

If you need to get a hearing aid for the very first time, you will need to go through a fitting process. During the main appointment for your fitting, the audiologist will fit your new device for you and ensure that it rests comfortably in your ear. It’s also your chance to ask any further questions that you might have about your new hearing aid.

This is an incredibly important appointment to your future listening experiences with your hearing aid. You can expect a variety of things to occur at this appointment, including:

The first consultation

To start with, you will need to have an initial consultation with your audiologist. This is when you and your audiologist will decide on the best kind of device for your needs. Your audiologist will ask you a variety of questions to try to understand what your hearing limitations currently are. They will also want to know what your lifestyle is like and what regular activities you carry out in your spare time. All of this information is required so that they go with a device that is suited to all aspects of your life. 

During your hearing aid fitting appointment

After your initial consultation, you will then be booked in for the actual hearing aid fitting appointment. This will be carried out with the same audiologist who you saw before. First of all, they will attach the device to your ear to make sure that it fits correctly. If it doesn’t, they should be able to readjust it so that you can enjoy a comfortable fit. If it doesn’t feel quite right, you should let your audiologist know so that they can change it.

Once the hearing aid fits correctly, your audiologist will then adjust the settings using computer software. They will tweak them until you are able to hear clearly and without any issues. They should also be able to collaborate the device so that it always offers you clear hearing in all kinds of environments.

You might find that some regular sounds, such as your own voice, may sound different to what you are used to. This is something that you will need to get used to as you could be hearing it a lot more clearly than what you did before. Let your audiologist know if it does sound completely different, though, as they can always try adjusting the settings for you.

The hearing aid fitting appointment can take quite a while as it’s important that your audiologist takes the time to get the fit and settings just right. It’s often advisable to leave about an hour for this appointment. 

Following up

After you have had your hearing aid fitted, you will then need to book a follow-up consultation. This is usually scheduled for two weeks to a month after you have had your hearing aid fitting appointment. You will have had the chance to wear your hearing aid and will be able to let your audiologist know how you have gotten on with it during this time. 

Now is the perfect time to bring up any issues or problems that you have had with the device at all. For instance, you might need to tell them that the device is fine in your own home, but whenever you are out in public you hear feedback or experience some other issues. Your audiologist might just need to readjust the settings once again. 

If you also have some discomfort while wearing your device, this needs to be brought to your audiologist’s attention. They may just need to alter the fit slightly. 

This appointment shouldn’t take too long as it’s just a chance for you and your audiologist to check in with one another. It is also usually the last appointment you will have with them for a while. Don’t worry if you have any further issues once you leave, as your audiologist will also be available for any further queries or questions over the phone or via email. If required, they will also be able to book another quick checkup for you.

As you can see then, there is little to worry about when it comes to the whole hearing aid fitting process. It should be very straightforward indeed. If you want to learn more about this process or about the services at Kampsen Hearing, give us a call at 813-876-8374 and one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to have a quick chat with you.